My Station Weather Conditions

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61.0 °F
Feels like: 58.2 °F
High Low
66.4 °F 60.8 °F
E 79°
Speed Gust
1   3
Heat Index59.0 °F
Barometer29.968 inHg
Dew Point41.1 °F
Rain0.00 in  0.00 in/hr
Radiation0 W/m²
UV Index0.0
Sun & Moon

99% visible
Miscellaneous Data
Current PM2.5 N/A
Soil Moisture % 34 cb
Rain Event N/A
Current UV 0.0
Current Radiation N/A
Week Rain ?'weekRain'?
Lightning Count N/A
Lightning Distance N/A
Extra Temps N/A,-8.9 °F,-3.3 °F,33.3 °F, N/A

Yesterday Data:

High 89.8 °F
Low 63.9 °F
Rain 0.00 in
High Gust 17 mph
Website News

Sorry for the downtime. After the Blizzardocalypse this Spring, my NUC that acted as a server went down hard. I am now hosting the site on Digital Ocean and am pushing data to it from an EcoWitt GW-1000 that can read my old WS-2902 Ambient System.

Forecast Interval (hours):
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High: 66.4 °F Low: 60.8 °F
Average Wind: 2 mph Highest Wind: 9 mph
Today's Rain: 0.00 in Highest Rate: 0.00 in/hr
High: 89.8 °F Low: 32.5 °F
Average Wind: 4 mph Highest Wind: 30 mph
Total Rain: 0.74 in Highest Rate: 1.09 in/hr
Recent Local Earthquake

34.8 miles S of Whites City, New Mexico
Magnitude 2.3
398.2 miles WNW
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