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By popular demand, I have restored the previous template "type" back to the website. This is a major work in progress... So don't complain when something is broken.

I did put a link to the earlier WeeWX version that presents much more data at the top right corner of the page.
-- Jeffrey

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Sun Moon age: 6 days,18 hours,07 minutes,41%
Sunrise: 6:32am
Sunset: 8:35pm
Daylight: 14:03:22
Moonrise: 12:50pm (31-Dec-1969)
Moonset: 1:05am (31-Dec-1969)
Waxing Crescent
41% Illuminated

First Quarter Moon Full Moon Last Quarter Moon New Moon
First Quarter Moon Full Moon Last Quarter Moon New Moon
Wed, 20-Jun-2018 5:50am CDT
20 June 2018 10:50 UTC
Wed, 27-Jun-2018 11:52pm CDT
28 June 2018 04:52 UTC
Fri, 06-Jul-2018 2:50am CDT
6 July 2018 07:50 UTC
Thu, 12-Jul-2018 9:47pm CDT
13 July 2018 02:47 UTC

Vernal Equinox
Start of Spring
Summer Solstice
Start of Summer
Autumn Equinox
Start of Fall
Winter Solstice
Start of Winter
Start of Spring First day of Summer First day of Fall First day of Winter
Wed, 20-Mar-2019 4:58pm CDT
20 March 2019 21:58 UTC
Thu, 21-Jun-2018 5:07am CDT
21 June 2018 10:07 UTC
Sat, 22-Sep-2018 8:54pm CDT
23 September 2018 01:54 UTC
Fri, 21-Dec-2018 4:22pm CST
21 December 2018 22:22 UTC